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Equally important, a human-canine relationship must be built on mutual trust, and you must be consistent with your training and expectations. A puppy (or adult dog) should not be worried about how his owner is going to react from day to day. It is unfair to allow an adorable 8-week-old puppy on the furniture today but scold him when he is a 60-pound adult dog trying to sleep in your lap.

Be Consistent

In order to build a strong bond, you must interact and be involved in your puppy's world. Watching your puppy chase bugs in the backyard while you chat on the telephone is not interactive. He must be a valued member of your family, and you must be the center of his universe. He should look to you for all of his fun and games.

Find your inner dog

When you get a new puppy, regularly kiss him, snuggle with him, love him, talk to him, brush him, get on the floor and roll around with him, and play fun games with him. If you give a dog the kind of positive attention he responds to, you can't help but build a strong bond. As a result, your puppy will think you are fun, and the more fun he thinks you are, the harder he will work to please you.

Spend time with them

It’s important for dog owners to establish a human-canine relationship built on a strong foundation of mutual trust, patience, understanding, fairness, consistency, and love. So where do you begin?

3 Ways to Become Your Puppy's Best Friend