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Let a Cavalier King Charles steal your heart TODAY!


This breed is known for it's wonderful personality: intelligent, smart, obedient, friendly, cheerful, playful, happy, loving, and willing to share a cuddle or a lap anytime. They are an ideal dog for one person or to share with a family. They are well behaved;get along well with, children, other dogs, and any other pets. They are not barkers or backyard dogs. They are more suited to being treated like royalty. That's the way King Charles II treated them.  They are the most popular breed in England. King Charles II, for whom the breed is named, grew up with a pet King Charles Spaniel and was such a big fan of the breed that he was accused of neglecting his 
official duties to spend time with his pet Spaniels. He once issued
a decree that the breed could not be forbidden entry to any building, including the houses of Parliament!