​​​Fur Haven K9s

We wish you and your new puppy a life together, filled with fun, love, lots of playtime, and many precious moments. CONGRATULATIONS!!

The puppy may only have experienced a few car rides. Please take your puppy for lots of car rides (Weather/vaccinations permitting) to the park, friends, shopping etc. Not Just to the vets, or groomer, otherwise there will be a negative association. Car ride = vet/groomer = strange smells/ injections /loud noises/discomfort. Car rides should be fun and enjoyable.


Your home is a NEW home for the puppy and he/she may be confused and disorientated as to where the door to the outside is. There is a GOOD chance that the puppy will have an accident or two. Please be patient with him/her, they don't even have full bladder control until approx 4 months.  He/she may also pee as a submissive gesture, don't worry puppies grow out of this stage quickly with love and


The puppy has always snuggled up with his/her brothers & sisters; they kept each other warm, and could hear their heart beats making them feel SAFE. Now everything is new and strange, they miss their other brothers or sisters. So if you can, give the puppy a ticking clock, (sounds like another heartbeat) and/or maybe a radio with a talking show for comfort so the puppy doesn't feel alone.



Please add a little water to puppy's food, although their teeth are sharp they are still new and soft. The brand of food our pups are currently eating Purina ProPlan for puppies.


EVERYTHING is new and different for the puppy, he/she is thinking - "where is my family/pack? I am all alone; I need to go into survival mode. Maybe these nice people will take care of me, I'll just do nothing, I won't pee/poop/eat/play, and I'll be on my best behavior and see how it goes."  Yes your puppy may not pee or poop for a day! This is because they don't yet feel comfortable to put themselves in a vulnerable position to eliminate, but they will!

Here are a few thoughts for you to consider during the first few days & nights. Although this may be an exciting day for you and your family, for the puppy, he/she is saying goodbye to everything that he/she has ever known, especially mom and other puppies.

Congratulations on your new puppy, we hope that he or she will be a wonderful addition to your family!

Puppy's First Day